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GoldenEar’s Newest Addition to Their Family The Triton One.R Tower Speaker

Expensive Sound at an Affordable Price

GoldenEar’s Newest Addition to Their Family               The Triton One.R Tower Speaker

When a product is as highly-reviewed as GoldenEar’s Triton One.R, it really means something. Home Theater Review, a prominent technology critic for audiophiles, gave the Triton One.R five out of five stars in its review. Writer Dennis Burger stated this, “Speakers that we in the specialty AV press absolutely slobber over.”  

In Sound & Vision’s review, they wrote, “If I could push the Triton One.R’s value rating past our maximum, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”

So what makes the GoldenEar Triton One.R five-star worthy, and how can it improve the audio performance of your current or in a new system. Continue reading as we dive into the backstory and insides of this new acclaimed speaker.

Sonos…..Wireless Audio Products That Work Great

Bring Wireless Multi-Room Audio to Your Home Today

Sonos…..Wireless Audio Products That Work Great

If you’re interested in quality audio for you home and don’t want to hassle with wiring, Sonos Audio Products are a great option and are the most reliable wireless audio products on the market today. Sonos’ founders got their start in Santa Barbara in the ‘90s with the creation of Their next mission was to bring quality wireless audio from PCs and the Internet into every home. But there was a problem, as digital music was still new, and the technology was almost nonexistent.

So, with sketches on paper and their strong engineering background to rely on, Sonos founders launched their first wireless audio product in 2004 and now offer some of the most dependable and affordable wireless home audio products available today. Sonos goal of bringing wireless audio to every household is now a reality and we invite you to experience the joy of listening to wireless audio in your home or office.

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A Look at the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series

Discover What Sets the New B&W Wireless Products Apart

A Look at the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Series

Like sculptures in a contemporary art museum, Bowers & Wilkins’ new Formation series of Wireless Products are in a class of their own. Their unique—yet beautiful—designs are definitely unlike any other. Plus, the New B&W Wireless speakers have the same sonic quality you’ve come to expect from the audio engineers at B&W.

If you’re looking to build a Whole House Audio System, improve the sound of your TV or

just add audio to an existing room, continue reading to see if B&W Wireless Products are right for you.

Experience Outdoor Audio/Video That Can Withstand Texas Weather Any Time of Year

Plus! The TV That’s Built for the Great Outdoors

Experience Outdoor Audio/Video That Can Withstand Texas Weather Any Time of Year

Want to add outdoor entertainment to your summer days & nights this year?

In our busy lives, it’s more important than ever to enjoy every season gathered with loved ones by the grill or campfire. With Outdoor Audio & Video, your backyard will become a haven for pool parties, picnics, barbecues, and movie nights.

Outdoor A/V Technology has improved vastly in recent years. We have highlighted some of our best outdoor technology, for a great addition to your home and give you countless hours of entertainment.