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Articles in Category: Home Audio Store Austin TX

Product Spotlight: Yamaha Aventage AV Receivers

Explore the Yamaha Difference at Austin’s Home Audio Store

Product Spotlight: Yamaha Aventage AV Receivers

Yamaha can be considered unique in the electronics industry. Starting in 1887 with a reed organ, the company now makes a whole line of musical instruments, from well-known pianos to guitars to wind instruments as well as a broad range of home and professional audio products. In 2019, Yamaha's new brand slogan became “make waves” to reflect how the company aims to deliver emotional experiences to customers.

Since building its first hi-fi audio product in 1954, Yamaha has been committed to delivering engaging sound experiences. Nowhere is that better reflected than in their extensive AV receiver line. AV receivers rely on sophisticated digital processing to produce the magic of immersive surround sound, and Yamaha has been at it for a long time. They first produced their own semiconductors in 1971 and have amassed decades of experience in DSP (digital signal processing). Yamaha was one of the earliest players in soundbars, starting with the award-winning YSP-1 in 2005, which showcased the company's DSP expertise in directing sound around the room from a single unit with multiple drivers.

What does this mean for AV receivers? The company's experience with musical instruments and DSP makes them uniquely qualified to build components that faithfully and naturally reproduce sound for movies and music. Read on to learn more about Yamaha's best AV receiver, the Aventage line, and hear the difference at A&B TV, Austin's complete home audio store.

Product Overview: The New Revel F228Be Speakers

See and Hear Them at A&B TV, Austin’s Home Audio Store

Product Overview: The New Revel F228Be Speakers

If you are an audiophile, or even just someone with interest in high-end audio equipment, chances are you know the name Revel. Now part of Harman’s Luxury Audio group, Revel is revered by audiophiles for accurate sound reproduction. Accuracy in sound reproduction means no coloration of the sound at any part of the frequency range; the goal is to deliver the music exactly the way it was recorded.

A&B TV is pleased to be one of the very few home audio stores in Austin and central Texas where you can see and hear Revel speakers in our showroom – this is not a brand you find at a big-box store. One of the newest speakers in the Revel repertoire is the F228Be tower, which hits a sweet spot in price/performance for the enthusiast. Read on to learn more about the Revel F228Be.