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Articles in Category: Home Theater Projectors

A home theater needs a screen, speakers, and an excellent projector. Discover the perfect home theater projectors for your Texas home here!

The Best Just Got Better: JVC 4K & 8K Home Theater Projectors

Get a Fantastic Big-Screen Picture from One of Our Favorite Brands

The Best Just Got Better: JVC 4K & 8K Home Theater Projectors

Not every homeowner desires a large TV display in their home theater. Some homeowners prefer a projector and projection screen in their home theater, often due to the ability to produce larger screen images or because they’d prefer a roll-away movie screen instead of having a large, black TV display as a focal point when the room is not in use. A&B TV caters to each type of homeowner, from purchase to installation, in our Austin, TX location.

In 2018, JVC launched true 4K projectors, something many consumers had wanted, and JVC graciously delivered. Each new home theater projector in the product launch features Auto Tone Mapping and D-ILA (Direct Drive Image Light Amplification).

Keep reading to learn about the JVC Experience and three top-performing home theater projectors available in the largest brick-and-mortar AV store in Austin.

Your Guide to Choosing a Home Theater Projector

We take a look at some of our best projectors from Sony, Epson & JVC to help you determine the best fit for your home.

Your Guide to Choosing a Home Theater Projector

If you’re looking for a Titanic-sized screen for your Home Theater or Media Room, a Front Projector is your best bet. Although TV screens are bigger than ever, projectors are still a great option if you really want to achieve the largest screen size possible, at the lowest cost.  Just like your local Movie Theater, which uses a front projector to project the image to the screen, this is same technology for your Home Theater, if you really what to go “Big”. However, not all projectors are equal and many projectors on the market are designed to mainly display data and not motion video, as well many of these data projectors are lower resolution and lack proper black levels necessary for watching movies that have scenes filmed at night or deep space movies like Star Wars.

To help you find the right projector, we’ve selected some Home Theater Projectors that we trust, so you can find the one that best meets your needs. Continue reading to get a better idea of which projector you’d like for your Home Theater.