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Articles in Category: Home Theater Store

Samsung QLED TV – Why It’s a Game Changer

Explore Samsung QLED at A&B TV, Austin’s Home Theater Store

Samsung QLED TV – Why It’s a Game Changer

Keeping up with today’s TV technology might seem like a daunting task. If you fondly remember the days of CRT TVs, that technology evolved but didn’t radically change for decades. LED technology has dramatically altered TVs over the past 20 years. Even if you don’t know what the differences are, you likely have heard about LED, OLED, QLED, and Micro LED.

Samsung is a company, like Sony, that often goes its own way. They have developed proprietary technology across many areas where they see an opportunity to deliver features and performance a cut above the competition. To that end, Samsung developed QLED technology for the high end of their flat panel TV line.

What is QLED, and why does it matter? Read further to understand the background and to see why it makes Samsung’s Q60 and Q80 TVs stand out. Then come check out the Samsung line at the A&B TV showroom, Austin’s home theater store with unbeatable selection and prices.

Are You Prepared for March Madness?

Upgrade to a Top-of-the-Line Sony TV at A&B TV, Austin’s Home Theater Store

Are You Prepared for March Madness?

Every generation of TV technology has brought its leaders. Way back in the CRT days, companies like RCA and Zenith ruled. When plasma flat-panel technologies appeared on the scene, companies like Pioneer and Panasonic led the way in innovation.

Sony is one company that has persevered through a gamut of technology cycles. They produced their first TV in 1960, and while other names have come and gone, they have been continuing to innovate ever since. Today, two main technologies continue to set the pace in flat-panel TVs – LCD/LED and OLED. Who was the first to introduce an OLED TV? In 2007, it was Sony. Who introduced the first LED-backlit TV? You might have guessed it – it was Sony.

If you are itching for a TV upgrade for March Madness, now is the perfect time to buy. At A&B TV - Austin’s oldest home theater store - we carry the best from Sony and other top brands. Read on to learn more about two superb models from the high end of the Sony TV line, the MASTER Series Z9F and the OLED A8G.

Love Bass? These SVS Subwoofers will Rock You

Hear and Feel the Bass at Austin’s Best Home Theater Store

Love Bass? These SVS Subwoofers will Rock You

SVS is a company that was founded on the principle of delivering hi-fi audio at prices people can afford, a concept we wholeheartedly agree with at A&B TV. Initially employing an internet-only sales model as a startup, their reputation for excellence snowballed, and today they can be found right here in our store.

Though today they sell various highly regarded speaker lines, SVS are still known for what built their reputation - subwoofers. Other speaker manufacturers build subwoofers to round out their lines, but for SVS, it's a specialty. SVS subs really bring the bass!

If you want to rock and rumble your Austin media or listening room, you owe it to yourself to listen to an SVS subwoofer at A&B TV, your local home theater store.  Read on to learn more about how SVS brings the bass.

Get to Know BDI Furniture: The Perfect Fusion of Style and Performance

See It at A&B TV, Austin’s Home Theater Store

Get to Know BDI Furniture: The Perfect Fusion of Style and Performance

Finding the right media furniture for your home theater, media room, or living room can be challenging. There are quite a few options, yet most media furniture aren’t successful at being a stylish piece of furniture in your home. Some make suitable media cabinets but don't exude quality; some are high quality yet have significant shortcomings as useful media cabinets.

BDI Furniture set out to change that. The company’s mission is to build furniture that is both functional and beautiful, where design does not take a back seat to the furniture’s performance for its purpose.

BDI builds a variety of furniture running the gamut from home office pieces to media consoles. Since we are a home theater store, we’ll narrow the discussion here to media furniture. BDI excels in this area, and delivers high style, build quality, and performance all at once, which is a rare feat.

Read on to see why BDI should be at the top of your list for media furniture. And remember, you can come see BDI and our incredible array of quality brands at A&B TV, Austin's premier home theater store.