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Are You Prepared for March Madness?

Upgrade to a Top-of-the-Line Sony TV at A&B TV, Austin’s Home Theater Store

Are You Prepared for March Madness?

Every generation of TV technology has brought its leaders. Way back in the CRT days, companies like RCA and Zenith ruled. When plasma flat-panel technologies appeared on the scene, companies like Pioneer and Panasonic led the way in innovation.

Sony is one company that has persevered through a gamut of technology cycles. They produced their first TV in 1960, and while other names have come and gone, they have been continuing to innovate ever since. Today, two main technologies continue to set the pace in flat-panel TVs – LCD/LED and OLED. Who was the first to introduce an OLED TV? In 2007, it was Sony. Who introduced the first LED-backlit TV? You might have guessed it – it was Sony.

If you are itching for a TV upgrade for March Madness, now is the perfect time to buy. At A&B TV - Austin’s oldest home theater store - we carry the best from Sony and other top brands. Read on to learn more about two superb models from the high end of the Sony TV line, the MASTER Series Z9F and the OLED A8G.

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Sony MASTER Series Z9F

The Z9F MASTER Series incorporates all of Sony’s best technologies to deliver picture performance that's excellent, no matter your room or lighting. It has a full-array LED backlight to precisely control panel dimming for inky black levels and superb contrast. The 4K HDR X1 Picture Processor is the most powerful in Sony’s lineup, using artificial intelligence-like algorithms to analyze the objects on the screen and dynamically adjusting the brightness, detail, and color for optimal performance.

X-Wide Angle technology allows for wide viewing angles without color washout – perfect for a watch party with everyone gathered around. Not all TVs display sports action well, but Sony’s X-Motion Clarity keeps the action moving smoothly and artifact-free.

HDR (high dynamic range) is one of the recent technologies that have added a new dimension of realism to TV images. The Z9F series supports all the major formats, including Dolby Vision, but goes further with X-tended Dynamic Range Pro. Sony’s superior HDR processing analyzes the content and enhances contrast intelligently, as well as taking non-HDR sources and upgrading the image to near-HDR quality. The result is eye-popping image quality.


As you might expect from the company that first introduced an OLED TV, Sony brings its decades of TV experience to bear on this top-of-the-line series. OLEDs self-lighting pixels provide the ability to produce incredible thin panels that also have excellent viewing angles. Of course, you get the superb black levels for which OLED technology is known.

Sony's A8G also incorporates all of the company's best processing technology for HDR and motion, and it adds a couple of other features. The A8G includes IMAX Enhanced processing, which meets the high standards set for color, contrast, clarity, and sound that you have come to enjoy with IMAX films in theaters.

While flat-panel TVs have neglected sound quality in pursuit of ever-thinner designs, Sony continues to innovate there, too. The Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology cleverly uses the panel itself as part of the audio reproduction. Four front-facing speakers plus frame and rear-mounted tweeters create sound that appears to come from the center of the screen, just like in commercial cinemas where the center speakers are behind the screen. The result is a new level of sound not typically heard from flat-panel TVs. This TV speaker can also be used as the center channel speaker in a home theater setup.

All Sony smart TVs employ Android TV as the TV operating system, bringing several advantages. Android TV has a plethora of apps from all the major TV and movie streaming services and lets you rearrange your home screen the way you want it. The Chromecast feature enables you to cast video from compatible apps on your tablet or smartphone to the big screen. And the advanced artificial intelligence of Google Assistant lets you find content and control your Sony TV with just your voice.

The Z9F is available in 65 and 75-inch sizes, while the A8G comes is 55 and 65-inch sizes. Any of these Sony models can serve all TV needs, from Netflix to movies to sports and video gaming.

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