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Looking for the Sexiest, Thinnest OLED TV?

Discover the LG GX Gallery Series

Looking for the Sexiest, Thinnest OLED TV?

For several years, LG had no competition in OLED TV sets. While Sony introduced the first OLED in 2007, it was LG that initially made significant investments to advance the technology and bring it to its high-end TV line. 

LG’s efforts have paid off and been wildly successful. Their OLED TVs are consistently ranked as the best of the best. LG is no longer alone in the OLED space, with Sony producing excellent models like the A8H series, and other manufacturers are jumping into the OLED fray.

LG, however, is not standing still. And their experience with several years of OLED production allows them to continue to refine the state of the art. With the new 2020 LG GX Series, they have done just that in both performance and design. Keep reading to see if the LG GX Series is the next TV for your modern Austin, TX home.

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Impossibly Thin Design

One of the beauties of OLED panels is their incredibly thin depth, making them perfect for wall mounting that makes the TV look like a piece of art. The "no-gap, no-shadow" wall mount system and shallow chassis for electronics make it ideal for the most design-conscious homes. This TV begs for wall mounting, and LG's one-piece custom mount even has articulating arms to pull the TV away from the wall to facilitate connections.

Superb Picture Quality

OLED panels have inherent technology advantages over LCD panels with LED backlighting. The self-lighting pixels create more natural color and don’t have the issues of bloom and blur with motion handling that can occur with backlit sets. The millions of pixels can be off or on, resulting in perfect black levels and nearly infinite degrees of contrast, all making for the most natural and vivid images.

We've talked before how important processing power is today with TV technology. LG's latest a9 Gen3 processor powers the GX series with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, capable of upscaling lower resolution content so well you’ll think everything you watch is in 4K. The AI capabilities also optimize picture performance by analyzing ambient light in the room and adjusting picture settings in real-time.

ThinQ AI

LG ThinQ AI TVs go a step beyond in smart TVs as the only ones that come with both Google Assistant and Alexa built in. It gives you all the power of these intelligent assistants, from quickly finding content to watch to helping you control the rest of your smart home devices.

Dolby Vision and Atmos

LG has worked with Dolby to incorporate the best sound and video technologies into the GX Series. Dolby Vision is acknowledged to be the best in class HDR format, and you can take advantage of it on numerous Netflix and Amazon original streaming shows. Dolby Atmos processing is built into the set for immersive, multi-dimensional surround sound. eARC capability lets you output the full resolution of that sound to your surround sound system for the ultimate film audio experience.

WebOS and More

LG's WebOS has always been one of the most complete and intuitive smart TV systems. It features a vast collection of streaming apps, including the latest new services like Apple TV+ and Disney+. Speaking of Apple, Airplay2 is also built in, making it easy to cast almost any video from an Apple device to the large screen and also bringing the GX series into the Apple Homekit smart home ecosystem.

If you’re a sports fan, the GX series offers excellent motion handling through OLED Motion Pro for fast-moving action. In between game watching, the WebOS system can also give you on-screen alarms for game times, score updates, and quick highlights to keep on top of your favorite teams.

The flagship GX Series is available in 55, 65, and 77-inch sizes. The CX Series also sports many of the same features without some of the advanced design elements but with the same excellent picture quality. Look to A&B TV, Austin’s home-grown TV and audio store for over 50 years, for the best prices and model selection on LG OLED TVs. Call us at (512) 454-4534 or contact us here. We’d love to set one up for you!