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Love Bass? These SVS Subwoofers will Rock You

Hear and Feel the Bass at Austin’s Best Home Theater Store

Love Bass? These SVS Subwoofers will Rock You

SVS is a company that was founded on the principle of delivering hi-fi audio at prices people can afford, a concept we wholeheartedly agree with at A&B TV. Initially employing an internet-only sales model as a startup, their reputation for excellence snowballed, and today they can be found right here in our store.

Though today they sell various highly regarded speaker lines, SVS are still known for what built their reputation - subwoofers. Other speaker manufacturers build subwoofers to round out their lines, but for SVS, it's a specialty. SVS subs really bring the bass!

If you want to rock and rumble your Austin media or listening room, you owe it to yourself to listen to an SVS subwoofer at A&B TV, your local home theater store.  Read on to learn more about how SVS brings the bass.

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1000, 2000, and 3000 Series

SVS aims to bring world-class subwoofer performance down to price levels never seen before, and they succeed admirably with the 1000, 2000, and 300 series subs. For example, the SB-1000 fits most home theater budgets with excellent performance. It fits a large 12-inch woofer and 300-watt amplifier into a tidy 14-inch cube footprint, delivering 24Hz low-end performance while fitting into any space. Want more oomph? The ported version has a front port and can get you 19Hz low frequencies for under $500. 

The SVS 2000 series was one of the company’s most popular lines in its history, and it has been completely revamped. It couples high-power 550-watt Class D amplifiers with high excursion 12-inch subwoofer drivers for massive output. An Analog Devices DSP chip powers built-in room tuning capabilities allowing you to tune the sound for flat frequency response, and the DSP smartphone app lets you make all the adjustments from the comfort of your chair.

The 2000 series adds one more form factor to the mix, the unique cylindrically shaped PC-2000 Pro. With a footprint just 16.5 inches in diameter and standing 34 inches tall, this elegant sub is rated down to 17Hz while calling little attention to itself in your room.

The 3000 Series brings chest-thumping bass into your theater low-frequency effects. The sealed and ported versions feature 800-watt Class D amps and 13-inch drivers to produce the sub-20Hz performance you can feel as much as hear.

Reference-Quality Bass

Many subwoofers can deliver deep low-end bass, but not all do it with finesse and accuracy. In the 4000 series and the top-end 16-Ultra series, SVS provides the type of low-end performance that makes audiophile jaws drop. The 4000 series is the company's ultimate expression of value and performance, with 13.5-inch drivers and 1200-watt amplification. The amp can deliver up to 4000-watts of punch for thumping bass peaks in the most demanding movie soundtracks. Similar to the other series, the 4000 series is available in sealed, ported, and cylinder designs. They also feature built-in DSP room correction and app control capabilities. The 100-pound weight of the 4000 is attributed to the massive motor and voice coil in the speaker as well as the rigid cabinet – get it installed professionally or have a friend help with setup.

For the ultimate in bass, step up to the 16-inch class – the 16-Ultra series. These incorporate everything SVS knows about subwoofer performance. The 16-Ultra features three innovations that go a step beyond other subwoofers: a powerful 16-inch driver, an 8-inch voice coil, and a 1500-watt Class D amp (with 5000-watt peak headroom) to deliver the lowest, tightest, deepest bass you've ever heard. Not only for home theaters, the remarkably controlled bass of the SB16-Ultra also forms the perfect complement to a music-only system that any audiophile would enjoy. How good is the SB16-Ultra? Noted audio reviewer Brent Butterworth said, "it sounds like no other subwoofer" and is "utterly free of the boominess, sloppiness, and distortion that causes audiophiles to shy away from subs." The SB-16 Ultra won a Best of CES award in 2017.

Experience the SVS subwoofer difference today. As Austin's premier TV, audio, and home theater store for over 50 years, A&B TV has the best brands like SVS, Revel, Paradigm, and many more at the best prices. Visit us at our 10,000 square foot showroom or join our email list for the guaranteed lowest price! We look forward to seeing you.