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Prepare for Amazing Realism with the Samsung Q900 8K Series

Here’s Why You Should Invest in 8K Now

Prepare for Amazing Realism with the Samsung Q900 8K Series

Companies like Samsung never stand still; they are continually pushing the envelope with technology. Samsung also often goes its own way with technology. In TVs, for example, Samsung has invested heavily in QLED, which rivals OLED in brightness, black levels, and color gamut without any burn-in concerns.

As is typically the case with electronics, the latest models and technologies debut at the giant CES consumer technology show in Las Vegas and find their way into retailers around springtime. This year, despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, new models are still being launched!

While this is not the first year Samsung has offered 8K TVs, these models are their best TVs ever. If you want the best picture quality you can get in a flat panel TV for your Austin, TX living room, the Samsung Q900 Series should be on the top of your list. Read on to see why 8K is here and why you’d want it.

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Incredible Picture Detail

The “holy grail” of TV has always been to deliver a lifelike picture as close as possible to what your eyes and brain see. While that level of perfection may not quite be here yet, we are so tantalizingly close with new 8K TVs. While doubling the resolution of 4K, there is simply more detail to the picture with more pixels.

But there is more to today’s high-end TVs than pixel count. Backlighting technology and control continue to improve with each generation. Samsung employs a massive number of individual LEDs in its Direct Full Array, assuring precise control for deep blacks and the high contrast in supported formats like HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG. Then there's brightness; the Q900 excels with well over 1000 nits of brightness. Color depth is another area; the Q900 sets support 12-bit color for the most extensive color range and saturation.


Samsung typically does very modern and minimalist designs, and the Q900 Series is no exception. The “Infinity Screen” display features a vanishing bezel with an edge-to-edge screen. The remote control eschews many buttons for a cleaner approach that marries the on-screen interface and the remote control remarkably for intuitive operation.

For connections, Samsung offloads HDMI and other ports to a separate box connected by an almost invisible high-speed fiber optic cable. This keeps the screen exceedingly slim for seamless wall-mounting, while the thin connecting cable is easily routed to the connector box, which can be housed in an entertainment unit below. 

Excellent Sound

Though most TVs of this caliber will be connected to a high-end soundbar or sound system, Samsung has still worked to improve the sound from these thin screens. The Active Voice Amplifier analyzes ambient noise in your home and enhances the voice sound frequencies to ensure that dialog is heard clearly. Object Tracking Sound+ employs four speakers around the display for a 3D sound effect where sound follows objects moving around the screen for a realistic sound and sight experience.

And More

Samsung has pulled out all the technology stops in its arsenal for these 8K TVs. The VA panels employ excellent motion clarity with 120hz refresh rates and utilize advanced processing with backlighting to ensure artifact-free performance with fast motion scenes.

For aesthetics, Samsung's Ambient Mode+, pioneered in the company's Frame TVs, mimics the wall behind it to make the large panel blend into your décor.  You can also display artwork, the weather, news headlines, and more so you don't have to look at a large black screen when not watching TV.

The Q900 Series comes in various sizes and flavors. The new Q800T and Q900TS models start at 65 inches and range up to 85 inches in size. The Q800T offers more affordable entry points, with only slight differences in features.

Upgrade your viewing experience with 8K future-proof technology from Samsung.  Our store is located at 1912 West Anderson Lane, centrally located in Austin for over 50 years. Call us today at (512) 454-4534 for more information and expert advice. We look forward to hearing from you!