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Samsung QLED TV – Why It’s a Game Changer

Explore Samsung QLED at A&B TV, Austin’s Home Theater Store

Samsung QLED TV – Why It’s a Game Changer

Keeping up with today’s TV technology might seem like a daunting task. If you fondly remember the days of CRT TVs, that technology evolved but didn’t radically change for decades. LED technology has dramatically altered TVs over the past 20 years. Even if you don’t know what the differences are, you likely have heard about LED, OLED, QLED, and Micro LED.

Samsung is a company, like Sony, that often goes its own way. They have developed proprietary technology across many areas where they see an opportunity to deliver features and performance a cut above the competition. To that end, Samsung developed QLED technology for the high end of their flat panel TV line.

What is QLED, and why does it matter? Read further to understand the background and to see why it makes Samsung’s Q60 and Q80 TVs stand out. Then come check out the Samsung line at the A&B TV showroom, Austin’s home theater store with unbeatable selection and prices.

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QLED Technology

Every panel technology has its advantages and disadvantages. OLED is known for superb color reproduction and black level performance, but it carries a higher price than other panels. Some TV panels are IPS based while others are VA. Without going into heavy detail on each, VA (vertically aligned) panels are widely used for excellent performance with motion, but the viewing angles are not as good as IPS panels. IPS (in-plane switching) panels, on the other hand, may not get as bright as VA panels and reproduce color as well.

With QLED, Samsung sought to bring the best elements together and produce a panel technology that gets very bright, renders color naturally, has good viewing angles, and is cost-effective. QLED used quantum dot LEDs, which are tiny dots ranging from 2 to 3 nanometers that deliver extreme high-intensity light. Just how small are these dots? A human hair is 100,000 nanometers in thickness. When hit with light, these quantum dots can produce the most vibrant, intense color of any TV technology.

OLED and QLED technology are often compared, and indeed QLED is Samsung’s answer to OLED. OLED is similar to older Plasma technology in the sense that the panels don’t require backlighting as the pixels are self-lighting, yielding superb picture quality with color and contrast. QLED is a variation on LCD/LED technology that aims to reproduce all the advantages of OLED and go beyond with higher brightness, no risk of burn-in, and wide viewing angles.

Samsung Q60 andQ80

Samsung’s Q60R is the least expensive way to step into the world of QLED. Quantum dot technology opens up a staggering range of over 1 billion colors, delivering truly life-like images. The Quantum Power 4K processor intelligently upscales content to 4K for razor-sharp detail and hyper-realistic color performance. Processing has become a critical part of any modern TV's performance. As Samsung is also a semiconductor company that builds high-performance processors for smartphones and other devices, you know their processing capability will be first-rate. That processing power manifests itself in many ways, including the Intelligent mode adaptive feature that adapts the picture brightness and sound to the conditions of the room.

The Q80 series ups the ante with even higher QLED performance. It features a full-array LED backlight, critical for controlling light evenly across the panel and making the most of the superior color reproduction of quantum dot technology. The result is deeper, rich black levels, crisp whites, incredible color range, and brightness that works even in the most brightly lit rooms. Quantum HDR 12X processing delivers scene by scene optimization for the best contrast and color reproduction. If you like to game on your big screen, the incorporation of AMD FreeSync technology means you will have extremely low lag for optimal gaming performance.

Of course, you also get a host of other smart features with Samsung. The smart TV system includes all the major streaming apps you need. The OneRemote can control other devices in your media room or home theater setup. You have voice control with Samsung's Bixby, but can also use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for TV control. Apple's AirPlay 2 is built-in, allowing your Apple devices to cast content directly to the TV. And the Ambient mode turns your screen into an extension of your décor, with the ability to display beautiful photographs or backgrounds that don't have you looking at a large black screen when you're not watching TV. 

Both the Q60 and Q80 series come in a range of sizes to fit any space. The best way to experience Samsung QLED performance is to visit our 10,000 square foot showroom, or call us today at (512) 454-4534 for more information and the best pricing. We look forward to hearing from you!