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See How Good Television Can Be OLED

How OLED Technology is a Game-Changer in More Ways than Just One

See How Good Television Can Be OLED

The best Smart watches, smart phones, AR & VR headsets, and TVs utilize integrated Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) display technology. If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, then a high-performing OLED TV screen is an investment you will not regret.

OLED TVs produce a picture by the application of an electric current through thin films placed between conductors. This action creates bright panel pixels, as well as a huge range of colors and the darkest blacks, since the panel pixels turn off or go black, when electric current is turned off.

Keep reading below for more information, on the “Best in TV Technology” available and how A&B TV can assist you in selecting the right model for you.

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The O in OLED stands for organic, and in the case of OLED TVs, hydrogen and carbon make up the thin films placed between conductors. OLED is a technology that can be used to create displays of multiple resolutions and produces fantastic picture quality.

Everyone Can See The Game

Since OLEDs displays produce their own light and don’t use conventional backlighting, as used in LED displays, the viewing angles are wider and don’t washout as on your typical LED screen. That means everyone can see the screen from virtually anywhere in your room, with the same color and sharpness and no one is left craning their necks trying to get a better view.

True Blacks

The screens of OLED TVs incorporate self-lighting pixels that can switch on and off individually; this means the deepest blacks are visible on the display instead of muddled and grayed out nighttime or underwater scenes in your favorite films. Because these self-lighting pixels are capable of switching off and on independently, the standby energy consumption rate is considerably less than LCD screens as well.

Vibrant Colors

OLED TVs are a great addition to any TV Room or Home Theater, offering stunning, vibrant color in addition to brilliant and true blacks. OLED TV’s are great for viewing sports, movies or best of all, gaming. In the United States, Sony and LG are currently the companies with greatest OLED TV offerings. Be sure to check out the GREAT selection of OLED TVs at A&B TV.

OLEDs also offer a variety of possibilities for the future – from transparent applications to flexible displays in your home. Are there any downsides?  You might hear that OLED displays have a risk of burn-in or image retention when used for static images on display for extended periods. As with the plasma technology of the past, this doesn’t typically happen with the vast majority of normal usage. OLED TVs may also be a bit pricier than backlit LED screens, but as the technology continues to advance, the price will continue to go down. Also, OLED compares favorably cost-wise with the very best QLED (Quantum LED) sets, which are the only ones that have similar picture quality.

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