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Sonos…..Wireless Audio Products That Work Great

Bring Wireless Multi-Room Audio to Your Home Today

Sonos…..Wireless Audio Products That Work Great

If you’re interested in quality audio for you home and don’t want to hassle with wiring, Sonos Audio Products are a great option and are the most reliable wireless audio products on the market today. Sonos’ founders got their start in Santa Barbara in the ‘90s with the creation of Their next mission was to bring quality wireless audio from PCs and the Internet into every home. But there was a problem, as digital music was still new, and the technology was almost nonexistent.

So, with sketches on paper and their strong engineering background to rely on, Sonos founders launched their first wireless audio product in 2004 and now offer some of the most dependable and affordable wireless home audio products available today. Sonos goal of bringing wireless audio to every household is now a reality and we invite you to experience the joy of listening to wireless audio in your home or office.

We answer your questions below:

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How Do Sonos Wireless Speakers Work?

Sonos gives you the ability to control up to twenty Sonos products conveniently from the Sonos phone app, as well as let you listen to different music in different rooms (R.E.M. in the kitchen and Taylor Swift upstairs) and at different levels of volume.

How is this possible? Sonos has been able to create Mesh Network, of their own design.

What Is the Mesh Network?

When multiple Sonos devices are hooked up to each other, they automatically create SonosNet—a mesh network. SonosNet is separate from your Wi-Fi network, although it does rely on a Wi-Fi connection to function. Through SonosNet, the more products you have hooked up, the stronger your SonosNet connection, as each Sonos product works like an access point, that helps strengthen your system’s wireless audio home connection.

Can I Connect My TV?

To enhance your movie marathons, don’t forget the Sonos Playbar. Most modern TVs are designed with the speakers placed at the bottom, pointing down instead of pointing out at you. A Sonos Playbar can be placed conveniently below your TV and points its speakers At You instead of The Floor, giving you a much more natural TV listening experience.

How Do I Set It Up?

Setting up Sonos speakers couldn’t be easier. First, decide where you would like to place your speakers and plug them in. From there, use your Android or iOS device to download the free Sonos app. On the app, you’ll select “Set Up New System.” Your speakers, smart phone or tablet are required to be on the same Wi-Fi network to connect, so be sure not to switch between different networks after setup.

All Sonos products connected to your network will automatically be displayed on your smart phone or tablet. Now just download your favorite music and select the Sonos

product you’d like to use.

What Can I Play?

The Sonos app. supports essentially every music platform: Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Play, Sirius XM, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, Audiobooks, Stitcher, and much more. Plus, with the Sonos One smart speaker, you can use voice command with your favorite digital assistant.

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