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The Future of TV is Here: Discover the Sony MASTER Series

Your Guide to 4 New Sony TVs Including the 8K Screen

The Future of TV is Here: Discover the Sony MASTER Series

What if you could watch your favorite movies and TV shows exactly as their creators intended? When film is digitally compressed to fit a television format, picture quality is lowered. But with the Sony MASTER Series, you can see the creator’s ideas as close as they were intended to be seen.

When your favorite shows cut to a cliffhanger, the screen should ideally look like actual pitch black, not a dark gray muddled with the previous image. On these new televisions, that true ink black is possible thanks to innovative OLED technology. And for the first time, the MASTER Series debuts its 8K TV in the Z9G model, with four times more pixels than now-standard 4K images.

Sony describes the MASTER Series as appearing “from lens to living room”, capturing the appearance filmmakers imagined. With brighter colors, darker blacks, and a Netflix Calibrated Mode that tweaks picture settings as you watch, Sony is bringing a new sophistication to watching TV anytime day or night. 

But what makes the Sony MASTER Series different than the flat screen you have at home? Let’s dive into each of the four models to understand which is best for your Austin, TX home.

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ZF9 MASTER Series—4K, X1 Ultimate, X-Wide Angle, X-tended Dynamic Range, IMAX Enhanced

The ZF9 model is not offered in the smaller 55” option like the A9G and does not include OLED screen technology. But you’ll want a bigger screen to experience its IMAX Enhancement, made with brighter images and clearer sound. If you’re looking to upgrade from the screen you currently own but aren’t interested in shelling out for OLED or 8K, the ZF9 is also an excellent option.

A9G MASTER Series—4K, X1 Ultimate, OLED, Pixel Contrast Booster, Acoustic Surface Audio+, IMAX Enhanced

The A9G combines the best aspects of the A8G and ZF9, utilizing Sony's best OLED panel for superior brightness and technology like Object-based Super Resolution for exceptional picture accuracy and detail. The A9G also has Dual Database Processing to filter on-screen noise and increase screen resolution, working together to dramatically improve pixel picture reproduction in real time.

The A9G is offered in 55” and 65”, and allows super-thin wall mounting for a clean appearance on your living room wall.

Z9G MASTER Series—8K, X1 Ultimate, 8K X-Reality Pro, 8K X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro, Acoustic Multi-Audio

Last but certainly not least, the Z9G is Sony’s brand-new 8K television. Did they really jump from 4K to 8K? Yes, they did, and with screens in 85” and 98’, it’s the largest in the MASTER Series.

The Z9G’s Backlight Master Drive includes full-array local dimming, and the 8K X-tended Dynamic Range uses saved energy to boost brightness in required areas. Ultra-dense LED modules are independently controlled and deliver contrast with hard-hitting colors and deep black. The Z9G is a must-have for cinephile and tech-head households.

There’s much more to the Sony MASTER Series that’s impossible to describe. You’ll have to see it for yourself! Visit A&B TV in Austin, TX, give us a call at 512-454-4534, or contact us here for the guaranteed lowest price.