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The Sony MASTER Series Brings the Magic of the Movie Theater Home

The Ultimate Luxury TV for Your Austin, TX Home

The Sony MASTER Series Brings the Magic of the Movie Theater Home

Sony is well known for its movie production capability and tools. They are the only consumer electronics company to own a major movie studio, and their cameras are used to film the biggest blockbusters. As part of their ongoing quest to continue push the envelope in cinematic technology, they recently announced a partnership with Galaxy Theatres in Las Vegas to open the first-ever Sony Digital Cinema, a large format theater for the most immersive movie experience.

Sony is a consumer electronics pioneer, having a hand in creating or significantly influencing every major audio and video standard of the past 30 years. With that type of experience in film and consumer electronics, Sony knows what it's doing! Understandably, the Sony brand is synonymous with high quality, innovative, TVs and audio-visual equipment. A&B TV is proud to be Austin’s local source for Sony’s Master Series luxury TVs.

Keep reading to learn more about how has continued to innovate the home entertainment space with the MASTER TV series.

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Reality Remastered

The Sony MASTER series is no ordinary television. The series completely remasters the reality customers are accustomed to viewing on their home TV sets. The main goal of the MASTER series is to create a home TV experience that rivals going to the theater and conveys the content creator's original intent.

This means each of the four models in the MASTER Series provides superior brightness—every detail is illuminated—and the picture accuracy and detail are stellar thanks to Object-based Super Resolution. Dual Database Processing filters on-screen noise and increases the screen resolution, so every pixel is crisp, bright, and adds to your home viewing experience. Inky blacks make the dark scenes engulf you in the suspense and drama of whatever you’re watching.

Sony’s partnership with the cinema community has led to increased innovation. Sony challenges creators to take full advantage of technology to explore their creativity, pushing filmmakers to develop new cinematic ideas to be perfectly reproduced in your Austin home.


The digital content needs to be compressed to fit the great images of the theater into your home's luxury TV. The Picture Processor X1 Ultimate available in the MASTER Series recaptures the filmmaker’s finished vision as a digital signal with minimal deterioration. Filmed content is encoded, transmitted, decoded, then converted to display on your Sony MASTER Series TV using a “not one bit lost” philosophy.

Rave Reviews

Zack Estrin, the Executive Producer of Netflix’s Lost in Space called the MASTER Series TV “incredible.” Digital Trends raved that “these TVs look absolutely stunning,” and “the level of detail and realism is at an all new level.” The Verge said the TVs “make Netflix look better than ever.”


Speaking of Netflix, the Sony MASTER Series includes Netflix Calibrated Mode. Netflix has actively invested in producing original programming using the latest video image standards, partnering with Sony to ensure picture quality preservation when streaming. You can sit in your home theater and watch Netflix the way it was originally intended to be seen—with stunning visuals that bring the story to life, vividly.

If you're interested in an 8K or 4K eye-popping visual experience that matches the creator's original intent, then the Sony MASTER Series is the luxury TV your need in your Austin-area home. Visit our showroom today to see it in action, call us at (512) 454-4534, or chat with a representative using the customer support button below.