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The Sony X950H: High-End Performance, Mid-Range Price

Sony Raises the Bar Again

The Sony X950H: High-End Performance, Mid-Range Price

At CES this past January, Sony announced the new models in its TV range. Among these was a refresh to one of its most popular models, the X950G, which we think hits the sweet spot in the lineup with the perfect balance of price and performance.

To our pleasant surprise, one of those models is arriving a bit early post-CES - the X950H. This model continues to improve on tried and true LED/LCD technology to deliver picture quality that’s hard to beat, and we’ve got it available now at A&B TV, Austin’s premier TV store.

What’s new on the Sony X950H? Keep reading to learn more.

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Continuous Improvement

TVs don’t need to have all-new technology every year to have noticeable improvement. With the X950H, Sony has continued to move its proven technology forward. To start, Sony uses the same proprietary, powerful X1 processor in this model that it uses on its 8K TVs. Using artificial intelligence techniques, the processor analyzes data about the scene to optimize the picture in real-time for color, contrast, and clarity.

Sony's X-Wide angle technology is also on display in the X950H. It uses a combination of processing power, advanced software, and the full-array LED backlight to ensure an excellent picture even from wide viewing angles outside of the central axis.

Ambient Optimization

The newest feature Sony is bringing to the table with the X950H is Ambient Optimization, which is designed to adapt both the picture and sound to the properties of the room. It boosts brightness in well-lit rooms, and reduces it in dark atmospheres, so the image is as realistic as it can be without you having to reach for the remote for changes.

The TV’s sound also gets Ambient Optimization treatment as well. The TV can detect objects in front of the TV or sound absorptive materials like curtains and tailors the sound to the environment.

Same Great Features as Before

Besides the improvements, the same excellent feature set carries over from before. Acoustic Multi Audio makes the sound appear to come straight from the screen. Imax Enhanced and Netflix Calibration modes bring advanced processing for increased dynamics to picture and audio. And Apple AirPlay, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home support make it easy to integrate into smart home systems.

But most importantly, Sony TVs are all about delivering exemplary picture quality. And for 2020, it’s better than ever.  The Sony X950H is available in 49, 55, 65, 75, and 85-inch sizes, so it’s easy to find one that will fit from a bedroom to a media room.

We welcome you to visit our 10,000 square foot showroom to check out Sony’s full line of TVs. Our store is located at 1912 West Anderson Lane, centrally located in Austin for over 50 years. Call us today at (512) 454-4534 for more information and expert advice. We look forward to hearing from you!