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Articles tagged with: Flat-Panel TV

Looking for the Sexiest, Thinnest OLED TV?

Discover the LG GX Gallery Series

Looking for the Sexiest, Thinnest OLED TV?

For several years, LG had no competition in OLED TV sets. While Sony introduced the first OLED in 2007, it was LG that initially made significant investments to advance the technology and bring it to its high-end TV line. 

LG’s efforts have paid off and been wildly successful. Their OLED TVs are consistently ranked as the best of the best. LG is no longer alone in the OLED space, with Sony producing excellent models like the A8H series, and other manufacturers are jumping into the OLED fray.

LG, however, is not standing still. And their experience with several years of OLED production allows them to continue to refine the state of the art. With the new 2020 LG GX Series, they have done just that in both performance and design. Keep reading to see if the LG GX Series is the next TV for your modern Austin, TX home.

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Upgrade to the Sony A8H Series TV

Sony Continues the March to OLED Perfection

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Upgrade to the Sony A8H Series TV

If you follow TV technology at all or happen to have a friend with an OLED TV, you know that OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology generates picture quality that is hard to beat. When it comes to movies, OLED has the best black level performance for top-quality high-contrast and dark scenes. Beyond that, the self-lighting pixels - similar to the way yesterday’s plasma technology worked - has accuracy advantages over even the best full-array LED-backlit sets.

While Sony introduced OLED to the world way back in 2007, they initially did not focus on it as LCD/LED technology still had a long ramp of innovation ahead of it. Sony has refocused on OLED in the past few years, offering it as a high-end alternative that vies with its best LED sets – and the best available from any manufacturer.

For 2020, the new Sony A8H Series OLED TVs continue the company’s quest for ultimate picture quality. Read on to see if the A8H is the right upgrade for your next TV in your Austin, TX home.

Prepare for Amazing Realism with the Samsung Q900 8K Series

Here’s Why You Should Invest in 8K Now

Prepare for Amazing Realism with the Samsung Q900 8K Series

Companies like Samsung never stand still; they are continually pushing the envelope with technology. Samsung also often goes its own way with technology. In TVs, for example, Samsung has invested heavily in QLED, which rivals OLED in brightness, black levels, and color gamut without any burn-in concerns.

As is typically the case with electronics, the latest models and technologies debut at the giant CES consumer technology show in Las Vegas and find their way into retailers around springtime. This year, despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, new models are still being launched!

While this is not the first year Samsung has offered 8K TVs, these models are their best TVs ever. If you want the best picture quality you can get in a flat panel TV for your Austin, TX living room, the Samsung Q900 Series should be on the top of your list. Read on to see why 8K is here and why you’d want it.

The Sony X950H: High-End Performance, Mid-Range Price

Sony Raises the Bar Again

The Sony X950H: High-End Performance, Mid-Range Price

At CES this past January, Sony announced the new models in its TV range. Among these was a refresh to one of its most popular models, the X950G, which we think hits the sweet spot in the lineup with the perfect balance of price and performance.

To our pleasant surprise, one of those models is arriving a bit early post-CES - the X950H. This model continues to improve on tried and true LED/LCD technology to deliver picture quality that’s hard to beat, and we’ve got it available now at A&B TV, Austin’s premier TV store.

What’s new on the Sony X950H? Keep reading to learn more.