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Articles tagged with: OLED

Samsung QLED TV – Why It’s a Game Changer

Explore Samsung QLED at A&B TV, Austin’s Home Theater Store

Samsung QLED TV – Why It’s a Game Changer

Keeping up with today’s TV technology might seem like a daunting task. If you fondly remember the days of CRT TVs, that technology evolved but didn’t radically change for decades. LED technology has dramatically altered TVs over the past 20 years. Even if you don’t know what the differences are, you likely have heard about LED, OLED, QLED, and Micro LED.

Samsung is a company, like Sony, that often goes its own way. They have developed proprietary technology across many areas where they see an opportunity to deliver features and performance a cut above the competition. To that end, Samsung developed QLED technology for the high end of their flat panel TV line.

What is QLED, and why does it matter? Read further to understand the background and to see why it makes Samsung’s Q60 and Q80 TVs stand out. Then come check out the Samsung line at the A&B TV showroom, Austin’s home theater store with unbeatable selection and prices.

See How Good Television Can Be OLED

How OLED Technology is a Game-Changer in More Ways than Just One

See How Good Television Can Be OLED

The best Smart watches, smart phones, AR & VR headsets, and TVs utilize integrated Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) display technology. If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, then a high-performing OLED TV screen is an investment you will not regret.

OLED TVs produce a picture by the application of an electric current through thin films placed between conductors. This action creates bright panel pixels, as well as a huge range of colors and the darkest blacks, since the panel pixels turn off or go black, when electric current is turned off.

Keep reading below for more information, on the “Best in TV Technology” available and how A&B TV can assist you in selecting the right model for you.

Experience One Billion Pixels with LG OLED Smart TVs

How 4K OLED Differs from Standard 4K LED TVs

Experience One Billion Pixels with LG OLED Smart TVs

If you research current TV Technology today, most TV’s reviewed are based on LED panel lighting. But there is an alternate panel technology “OLED”, which has performance characteristics that differ greatly from LED panel technology.

Here we explore what makes LG OLED TVs cutting edge and compare their C9, E9 and W9 Series. To find the right model for your application, continue reading our guide below.

The Future of TV is Here: Discover the Sony MASTER Series

Your Guide to 4 New Sony TVs Including the 8K Screen

The Future of TV is Here: Discover the Sony MASTER Series

What if you could watch your favorite movies and TV shows exactly as their creators intended? When film is digitally compressed to fit a television format, picture quality is lowered. But with the Sony MASTER Series, you can see the creator’s ideas as close as they were intended to be seen.

When your favorite shows cut to a cliffhanger, the screen should ideally look like actual pitch black, not a dark gray muddled with the previous image. On these new televisions, that true ink black is possible thanks to innovative OLED technology. And for the first time, the MASTER Series debuts its 8K TV in the Z9G model, with four times more pixels than now-standard 4K images.

Sony describes the MASTER Series as appearing “from lens to living room”, capturing the appearance filmmakers imagined. With brighter colors, darker blacks, and a Netflix Calibrated Mode that tweaks picture settings as you watch, Sony is bringing a new sophistication to watching TV anytime day or night. 

But what makes the Sony MASTER Series different than the flat screen you have at home? Let’s dive into each of the four models to understand which is best for your Austin, TX home.