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Are You Prepared for March Madness?

Upgrade to a Top-of-the-Line Sony TV at A&B TV, Austin’s Home Theater Store

Are You Prepared for March Madness?

Every generation of TV technology has brought its leaders. Way back in the CRT days, companies like RCA and Zenith ruled. When plasma flat-panel technologies appeared on the scene, companies like Pioneer and Panasonic led the way in innovation.

Sony is one company that has persevered through a gamut of technology cycles. They produced their first TV in 1960, and while other names have come and gone, they have been continuing to innovate ever since. Today, two main technologies continue to set the pace in flat-panel TVs – LCD/LED and OLED. Who was the first to introduce an OLED TV? In 2007, it was Sony. Who introduced the first LED-backlit TV? You might have guessed it – it was Sony.

If you are itching for a TV upgrade for March Madness, now is the perfect time to buy. At A&B TV - Austin’s oldest home theater store - we carry the best from Sony and other top brands. Read on to learn more about two superb models from the high end of the Sony TV line, the MASTER Series Z9F and the OLED A8G.

The Sony X950G Series: The Sweet Spot in the Sony TV Lineup

How Sony Sets the Pace in Midrange TVs

The Sony X950G Series: The Sweet Spot in the Sony TV Lineup

As a pioneer in consumer electronics and one of the premier names in TVs, Sony needs little introduction. The company’s list of firsts is a mile long, and their iconic “It’s a Sony” ads of decades ago cemented their place in consumer minds as a high-end TV brand.

Unlike other high-end brands that have succumbed to shifts in technology, Sony continues to innovate and remain at the forefront in TVs and consumer electronics. Nowhere is that reflected better than in the XBR X950G series of TVs, which hits a sweet spot in the line. Priced for midrange budgets, they feature many of the best features of Sony’s high-end models.

Read on to learn more about the X950G range of Sony TVs, and you can be sure that A&B TV will always have the best prices on Sony in Austin, TX.

The Sony MASTER Series Brings the Magic of the Movie Theater Home

The Ultimate Luxury TV for Your Austin, TX Home

The Sony MASTER Series Brings the Magic of the Movie Theater Home

Sony is well known for its movie production capability and tools. They are the only consumer electronics company to own a major movie studio, and their cameras are used to film the biggest blockbusters. As part of their ongoing quest to continue push the envelope in cinematic technology, they recently announced a partnership with Galaxy Theatres in Las Vegas to open the first-ever Sony Digital Cinema, a large format theater for the most immersive movie experience.

Sony is a consumer electronics pioneer, having a hand in creating or significantly influencing every major audio and video standard of the past 30 years. With that type of experience in film and consumer electronics, Sony knows what it's doing! Understandably, the Sony brand is synonymous with high quality, innovative, TVs and audio-visual equipment. A&B TV is proud to be Austin’s local source for Sony’s Master Series luxury TVs.

Keep reading to learn more about how has continued to innovate the home entertainment space with the MASTER TV series.

See How Good Television Can Be OLED

How OLED Technology is a Game-Changer in More Ways than Just One

See How Good Television Can Be OLED

The best Smart watches, smart phones, AR & VR headsets, and TVs utilize integrated Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) display technology. If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, then a high-performing OLED TV screen is an investment you will not regret.

OLED TVs produce a picture by the application of an electric current through thin films placed between conductors. This action creates bright panel pixels, as well as a huge range of colors and the darkest blacks, since the panel pixels turn off or go black, when electric current is turned off.

Keep reading below for more information, on the “Best in TV Technology” available and how A&B TV can assist you in selecting the right model for you.