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Articles tagged with: Speakers

The Return of an Iconic Classic – The JBL L100

Check it Out at Austin’s Oldest and Best Speaker Store

The Return of an Iconic Classic – The JBL L100

If you’re an audio enthusiast of a certain age, you might remember the JBL L100. Perhaps one of your friends had a pair, and you fondly remember rocking out to 80s music from Bob Seger, Tom Petty, and so many others from the era. Or if you have a keen eye, you might remember this speaker from a famous Maxell cassette tape ad where the listener sat in front of the speaker, “blown away” by the sound.

Even if you’re too young to remember the original JBL L100, you’re in for a treat. Here in Austin, retro-modern and mid-century design is all the rage, and this speaker fits right in. But it’s more than just a pretty face – the new JBL L100 Classic is a modern hi-fi speaker, better than the original. And we’re proud to have it on display for your listening pleasure at A&B TV, Austin’s oldest and best speaker store.

Keep reading for more on this modern classic speaker, then check it out at our 10,000 square foot Austin showroom

Experience Deep, Clear Bass with Revel Audio Subwoofers

Get the Best Deals in Austin on Revel Audio at A&B TV

Experience Deep, Clear Bass with Revel Audio Subwoofers

Revel Audio offers science-based audio gear that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but sounds great, too. Founded in 1996, Revel Audio utilizes state-of-the-art testing facilities to develop every single loudspeaker they produce. The company has even made its way into the automotive industry recently, bringing a new level of sound quality to the Lincoln Motor Company with systems that include up to 28 speakers in the vehicle!

When it comes to bass, Revel has that covered too. Keep reading to learn about the booming bass sound Revel subwoofers can bring to your Austin, TX listening room or entertainment spaces.

Your Austin Area Speaker Store Offers the Best from Klipsch

Klipsch Heritage Loudspeakers Offer High-Performance Sound for Your Austin Home

Your Austin Area Speaker Store Offers the Best from Klipsch

At A&B TV, we pride ourselves on over 50 years of experience serving the greater Austin area and are a premier TV and speaker store in Texas. In our long experience, we’ve seen a variety of products from a myriad of companies, but one company from which we’ve seen a steady flow of innovation and quality is Klipsch.

Klipsch is an iconic American brand, having started  in a tiny shed in Hope, Arkansas, in 1946. Klipsch’s namesake, Paul W. Klipsch, had the goal to bring live orchestral music into his living room, and he did just that, as well as sparking a rise in speaker research and innovation. The Klipsch Heritage Series descends from the founder, Paul W. Klipsch, who had a direct role in the design and engineering of these loudspeakers. And the Heritage Series is still hand-built in the USA at the original site in Hope.

Keep reading to learn about some of the Klipsch Heritage Series speakers and why A&B TV has them in-store for our Austin, TX customers.

Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers: High Performance and Value

If You Haven’t Heard These Yet, You Should

Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers: High Performance and Value

Consumer electronics come from all over the world, and the best brands are household names across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Names like Sony, Samsung, LG, Bowers & Wilkins, and many more are all well-known and well-represented in the A&B TV showroom. We have our own distinctive brands in the U.S., and Klipsch is one of the most prominent.

The company started in Hope, Arkansas, in 1946. Company founder Paul W. Klipsch was an audio industry pioneer who firmly believed in bringing the sound of a live music performance into the home – a goal that still drives the company. Today, Klipsch Audio Technologies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of audio speakers, and still deliver on the founder’s vision.

Today, Klipsch designs and builds several lines of speakers. We recently wrote about the top of the line, Klipsch Heritage, which represents the best of Klipsch audio engineering. But you don't have to go to that level in order to get the legendary Klipsch sound; the Reference Premiere speaker line is affordable, high-performance, and delivers an audio punch far above its weight class.

Keep reading to learn about the Reference Premiere line of Klipsch speakers and, better yet, visit our store in Austin to hear them for yourself!